Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Effective emerging leader Essay

It is very important for an effective emerging leader such as me, to become stronger in a stimulating, educationally-rich environment. To become great, a student leader must have many great examples of leadership, teaching and truth. The University of South Florida embodies all of these traits for me, and that is why this university appeals to me in every way. I have had the opportunity not only to practice leadership in middle school as the student body President, but also be the Relay for Life Captain for three years, Yearbook Club Editor, Cross Country Captain and senior Student Government President to finish my high school years. Another advantage I have is the fact that my Aunt Graduated from USF and my mother will be attending USF’s School of Education in a couple of years. My Aunt has introduced me to the campus, and through her I have heard about the awesome opportunities and great times that await me. Leadership has always been the role I was meant to assume and effective degree-holding leaders are crucial in our fast paced, ever evolving world. I believe The University of South Florida will teach me how to become such a leader with its world class faculty and all the opportunities Greek life and volunteering affords. In conclusion, leadership traits I have learned from experience, mentors and teachers over the years will truly benefit my USF life and other USF Bulls as well! Whether it is through volunteer opportunities such as Relay for Life, or running for a position on the student Senate, I intend to be a very effective leader at the University of South Florida and leave an everlasting mark of greatness on its campus.

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